Exclusive tourist attractions

Give yourself, your family and your travelling friends a memory for lifetime by visiting selected exclusive places and attractions that not many people know about.

Premium GoNatureTrip has more than 30 year's experience of receiving guests and tourists from all around Europe and we know what really makes an authentic Swedish tourist experience.

Sweden – tradition and nature

Sweden is an ancient country with lots of history, traditions and untouched nature. The tough climate has formed the people to work together and to live with the nature.

Being located in the outskirts of the European continent it has also enjoyed the silence for ages and you will get the chance to extraordinary vacation experiences.

Memory for life package

Quality assured Experienced tourist guides
Authentic Swedish guides living this kind of life
Story telling The guides tell you stories about the location, the nature and the people here
No equipment needed The guides take care of you and provide you with everything you need
Value for life Lifetime memory at cost between 100€ - 300€ per person
Reservations Email 3 days in advance.

Our visitors say

”I did not believe that I caught such a big fish in the lake!”

”Our guide Anna-Maja gave us so many good stories and laughs.”

Outstanding experience of Swedish culture

Premium GoNatureTrip selects and works with farms, resorts, outdoor guides and rural tourist companies. The characteristics of these premium activities are places with interesting history and experienced authentic Swedish persons that live the life they guide .

Together, we have developed unique Quality Life Experiences that will trigger all your senses and create lasting memories - by doing, feeling, hearing, seeing and smelling.

Simply an outstanding opportunity to experience the Swedish countryside, Swedish traditions and history.


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Swedish tourist attractions and family trips

You are planning, together with friends or family, your next motorhome holiday. High up on the list is to find out more about Sweden, places to go and attractions and activities to try out.

You have looked around and have noticed that everywhere in Sweden there are a variety of offers and possibilities, from the largest tourist establishments to smaller and locally operated activities. But how do you pick the best proposals? We want to contribute with some suggestions: our favourites!

Our recommendations are not related to the biggest, nor the most famous tourist destinations. We choose instead to give you the most genuine and authentic experiences and attractions. Simply the hidden gems.