Scandinavian wilderness mountain farm

Learn how to bake flatbread with Margareta, your guide of the day. She and her familly run Nyvallen summer grazing farm. This vast untouched Scandinavian wilderness, 700 metres above sea level, is the location of the mountain farm. The place has been run by the same family since 1909 but its history goes as far back as the 1800s. Margareta, was born here and has spent all her summers on the grassland.

Meet bear, mouse, elk - if you are lucky

Nyvallens is its own Nature Reserve which serves as the gate to Sonfjället. The mountain, the surrounding old-growth forest and the wildlife represent Sonfjället National Park. Here you can find plenty of brown bears as well as moose/elks and lynxes. The powerful silhouette of Sonfjället stands out clearly against the horizon.

Time: 4 hours
Participants: 4-10 people. (very child)
Price: 3.200 SEK for 4-6 people. Additional participants at 400 SEK per person
Preparations by guests: Bring clothes suited to weather
Reservations: Email, phone 070-55 27 199 preferably one week in advance.

Our visitors say

”The nature is awesome and the people at the mountain farm is something unique that you cannot find anywhere else in Europe. We saw wild raindeers on the mountain, beautiful animals.”
Torbjörn, Stockholm

Bake a traditional flatbread over open fire

Much of the Scandinavian Mountains have been sculpted by eroding glaciers and the geological forms and characteristics are a remnant of the Ice Age. Especially eye catching are the large rocks spread around everywhere.

Learn how to bake flatbread with Margareta! The flatbread is very much part of the Scandinavian food culture. You will learn how to mix bread dough in the traditional way. There are as many recipes as there are women baking the traditional flatbred in the Swedish mountain areas. Margareta’s bread contains fresh milk and flour from the local mill. Together, you will prepare the fireplace and make sure there is enough dry wood. Be prepared to chop some at the woodpile!

Then it is time to begin to roll, a tough, challenging and truly outdoor baking experience. Roll out the dough and place the thin circles of bread over the hot coal. Surrounded by the silence of the mountain pasture you will enjoy a snack with bread, butter, cheese or the farm´s own homemade sausage. If anyone needs bread without gluten or have allergies the meal will be easily adapted. You are welcome to take some of the left over bread home in a bag. (But it is recommended that it is eaten quickly, before it dries out.)

At the summer farm there is a special breed of cow, the white and black spotted Scandinavian mountain breed that, together with goats and sheep, walk around freely. The animals produce milk that will be refined to cream, cheese and brown fudge cheese.

Do you need more reasons to book your outdoor baking mountain experience?

  • Take the opportunity to fish a pike or trout in the nearby lake. If you catch a fish, you can grill and eat it along with the flatbread. Ask Margareta for tips and assistance on how to clean and prepare the fish.
  • Stay the night at Nyvallen and go on a hike into the Scandinavian Mountains. There are several marked trails to choose from, suitable for families with children as well as experienced hikers. Distances are between 2,5 and 12 km.
  • Spend more time in the area and hike in the wildness of the Swedish ancient woodland

  • Park the motorhome in the large visitors parking overnight. Please contact Margaret on arrival and she will show you a place to park. Phone: 0684-120 22, 070-55 27 199

    Your guide Margareta was born and raised on the farm. Margareta works as a hiking guide at the National Park as well. She has many stories to tell about people and animals in the mountains.

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