Visit an eco farm in northern Sweden

Are you interested in learning more about farm life? Do you want to find out how good food is produced the traditional way? Spend a day on the Tivsjö goat farm in Västernorrland. You will have a unique opportunity get acquainted with eco-farming and get an insight into ancient know-how regarding the production of goat cheese from fresh and unpasteurized goat milk.

Make goat cheese with your children

Cheese making is an ancient way to use the milk and to be able to store it for a long time. Inside the farm's dairy premises, you will learn more about the cheese-making process. You have to be patient. You move the vessel slowly and see how the milk coagulates. You start the day with a visit to animals. The children will join to herd the goats through the woods down to the water where Anja will serve some Swedish Fika.

About the visit

Time: 8 hours
Participants: 4 persons (possibility to book more).
Price: 2.500 SEK for a family of 4 people, (450 SEK per extra person)
Includes goat cheese to bring home and snacks, drinks, sandwiches during the day
Preparations by guests: Suitable, clean clothing and shoes. Coats and hats are available to borrow to work in the dairy.
Reservations, email: phone Maria: +46 76-1134262 or Rebecca: +46 73-502 04.

Other travellers say

”The hostess Anja is a very kind lady, she took us around the farm where we met a lot of different animals and we drank coffee in her cozy garden. This visit impressed me and my Chinese friends a lot.”
Fiona Fang, Suzhou, China

More details on visiting Tivsjö goat farm in Västernorrland

The farm has five goats that live and graze freely. Anja milks them every morning. The rest of the time is spent with the goats and kids.

As a guest, you will join in the morning milking and the children will help to feed the animals. Each goat can only provide about 1.2-2 litres of milk per day. Every drop is important to produce the exclusive fresh goat cheese.

Learn how to produce goat cheese on your family holiday

Cheese making is a craft. Years ago, cheese making was surrounded by narratives, traditional practices and a sense of mystique. It was important to think carefully about the raw materials, weather conditions as well as the moon's position. Another aspect back then was the health of the cheese maker. Today, the process is of course much more straightforward.

At the end of the day you will take home with you the cheese you make.

One day in the countryside for your family

You have prepared the cheese and it is now time to have a snack, drinks, coffee and sandwiches (with home baked bread).

The host family will show you and your family what life on a farm is like. There is also time to explore the beautiful surroundings.

On a warm day you could go down to Tivsjön and swim. It is a hike of about 300 m through the woods.

Do you need more reasons to visit Tivsjö Goat farm?

  • Learn to produce goat cheese, a traditional craft.
  • Spending time with the animals is an all-time favourite for the children.
  • Discover and live life on a farm in Västernorrland, in the north of Sweden
  • Get to know eco-farming and living off the land
  • Parking overnight on the farm
  • Row a boat, fish or swim in lake Tivsjön
  • Find your way with your motorhome and more about the farm

    TIVSJÖ is located in Västernorrland, right on the border of Jämtland, about 90 km from Ånge. The closest larger town is Torpshammar.

    Anja and Lars have run the farm since 1983. The farm offers visitors a unique opportunity to get to know eco farming. All cultivation and animal husbandry is natural, without pesticides or fertilizers.

    Many animals roam freely on the farm. There are calves, goats, sheep, peacocks, chickens, geese, dogs and cats that you can meet and with which you caninteract.

    The family try to live off the farm and their goal is to become self-sufficient.

    You can park your motor home overnight, there are power outlets and a shower and WC in the service house. You also have access to a dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. You can rent a sauna on the lake and borrow fishing equipment.

    On the farm they speak Swedish, Finnish, and they can also guide you in English and some German.

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