Horse carriage ride Sweden

A Swedish cultural heritage tour through a historic agricultural landscape. Travelling at walking pace in a horse-drawn carriage, natural beauty and historic settings are all around you. Life is just easier behind a horse. The interaction with the horse, a knowledgeable guide and a great cultural- landscape will do the rest. We have the tour for you!

Dalecarlia region - farms and animals

During the horse and carriage tour you will see cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and horses. The villagers grow fruit and berries and keep beehives. They produce meat, milk, eggs, honey and homemade delicatessen jams and marmalades. We are in the midst of "the historic barn district " with more than 350 old barns.

About the tour

Time: 4 hours
Participants: 2-6 people, child-friendly activity
Price: 3.800 SEK for 1-4 people. Extra participants at 250 SEK per person (lunch included)
Preparations by guests: Clothes suited to weather
Reservations: Email or phone 073-616 11 10, 16 hours in advance

Our visitors say

”If you are thinking about traveling to Dalarna, Sweden with children or have your eyes set on ecotourism, be sure you visit Green Owl Travel. I can warmly recommend it because I can ensure you that everything is done with a big heart and with all the best for each customer.”
Katarina Kjellberg

More about this family friendly activity

Since the time of the Vikings, people have lived and cultivated the land around Gärdsjö. The village is situated north of Rättvik in Dalarna, in the heartland of Sweden. On this tour we travel slowly through the centuries. We will get a true picture of the people who lived and are still living here.

Along the main road, 301, between Rättvik and Furudal, there are more than 70 points of interest worth visiting, you will visit some of them, carefully selected by your guide. Our horse driver and guide Nina will show us around with her big and kind Ardennes horse, Nemo, who will pull our carriage.

Meteorite, horses, people and barns

Together with your guide you will explore this beautiful area formed by a meteorite impact 377 million years ago, by animals grazing and by human hands. We can only imagine the sweat and hard work needed to keep the landscape open and to grow food for the survival of humans and animals.

One of the most remarkable stops on the tour is at Blånnesladu. This barn was built over 700 years ago with timber from nearby forests and dates to 1294. It is mind-boggling to try to picture the 20 generations of peasants who have lived their lives here for more than seven centuries.

Butterfly safari and a picnic

On a warm and sunny summer day, the butterflies come out. Your guide is a trained butterfly expert and if the weather conditions are good you will register in your butterfly note book the ones you have seen: the Brimestone butterfly , the Orange-tip butterfly and the Tortoiseshell butterfly are the most common ones.

Our guide picks a beautiful setting for an outdoor lunch break, a spot for both us and the horse to enjoy. We will stop and have a lunch break. All our lunch options contain local products. In the picnic basket there will also be a thermos with coffee and tea as well as drinking water. (When booking you can discuss more specific details regarding the lunch).

The tour ends in the same place where we started.

Do you need more reasons to book your horse and carriage tour?

  • Do you like horses? The trip is a perfect opportunity to be close to a reliable horse. In the vicinity of Gärdsjö there are several small companies offering horseback riding and horse and carriage tours, and, in the winter, sleigh rides.
    If there is enough time, you will stop at Björgården, a small sheep and fruit farm. Here you can pat the lambs and buy marmalade.
  • Dalskåpsmuseet at Upper Gärdsjö is small but well worth visiting. It is a museum for those who appreciate local 18th and 19th century arts and crafts. It is not open every day but if arranged in advance, it is possible to make a stop and visit it.
  • About the horse-drawn carriage ride

    Gärdsjö is located in Northeast Dalarna (Dalecarlia), about 10 km north of Rättvik and about 25 km South of Furudal.

    The horse-carriage is drawn by a kind Ardennes horse and the carriage is typical of local tradition. The price includes guided tours, horse and carriage transportation, lunch, a map and a note book for the butterfly safari.

    Bring clothes suited to the weather such as sun protection for hot summer days, raincoat / poncho and boots or rubber boots if needed. The carriage has an overhead cover to protect against the rain or the sun on a warm day.

    Please book the tour a week in advance and certainly no later than 16 hrs before the start of the tour (subject to availability). Contact Lotta Backlund at or 073-616 11 10

    Motor home parking overnight: We recommend Rättviksgården, a centrally located hostel with fine parking pitches. Rättvik offers good local dining, festivities and entertainment, especially in the summer.

    From there you can easily reach the meeting point and park. You can also take your bike (10 km) to Gärdsjö. Pick up by car is also available (ask for prices).

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    Map and description of surroundings

    You are very close to Dalhalla - an old limestone quarry turned into an internationally renowned music scene featuring attractive artistic performances in summer.

    Siljan and Siljansringen are part of a circular water system consisting of Lake Siljan (Sweden's seventh largest lake), lake Orsa, river Ore, Skattungen and the lake Ore. The circular shape was created 377 million years ago when a meteorite hit the Earth.

    For more information on the meteorite check out the Natural History Museum (Culture) in Rättvik, the visitor centre at Dalhalla or the waterfall Styggforsen in Boda.

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