Guided tour on 18th century iron works

Guided tour, walking through Sweden´s economic and trade history in an 18th century environment (setting). Back in 1709 the mill and ironworks in Furudal (Furudals Bruk), founded by the visionary Swedish inventor Birger Elfving, a student of Christopher Polhem, was granted permission to manufacture weapons (canons) in iron.

Steel mill in the folkloric region

Furudals Bruk is in a beautiful setting in swedish folkloric region, representing civilisation in the middle of the wilderness. Much of the 18th century environment is preserved and your guide will tell you about many stories behind the scenes, giving you an insight into the economic development of the Ore region and of Sweden.

About the tour

Time: 2 hours
Participants: A group for one guide (children from 10 years).
Price: 1 800 SEK for 2 persons. (refreshments and sandwiches on freshly baked bread included)
Preparations by guests: None (appropriate shoes for a short hike, about 2 km).
Reservations: Email Lennart Öhnell or phone Lennart Öhnell +46 70-559 45 00 . Please book latest a week in advance

Our visitors say

”After 300 years there is still the authentic historical atmosphere with the mansion, chain forge and steel laboratory dating from the scientists Polhem and Berzelius”

More about the guided tour of industrial heritage and the 18th century engineer hotspot

For 150 years, Furudals Bruk was an international hub which attracted inventors and businessmen eager to develop ideas and learn about manufacturing. It is fascinating to learn about the technical inventions made by the “Leonardo da Vinci” of Sweden.

Park the motorhome outside the golf club, which is also a museum and hostel, and join a guided walk (approx. 2 km) around the site. Your guide for the day is Lennart Öhnell, a local history “aficcionado” who has spent a life-time working at Furudals Bruk. This activity carried out no matter what the weather is like, as the tour is mainly indoors at the mill´s different museums.

The walk takes you through four centuries of Swedish industrial and engineering history. Explore the impact of the mill on the village in the early 18th century when Sweden was ravaged by Russian military attacks on the east coast. New inventions allowed for better weapons and there was a surge of new factories to meet the need.

Furudal is much more than weapons and technical achievements. Learn more about modern times, 20th century, blacksmith designs and the region´s special relationship with Norway, inspired by the deeply emotional memories of their great refugee drama during the 2nd World War. Join in a journey spanning several centuries of prosperity and upheaval.

Further reasons to visit Furudals bruk:

  • The mill (ironworks) is located on the banks of the River Ore with good grayling and trout fishing (fishing licence required).
  • Today, Furudals Bruk hosts an 18-hole and a 9-hole wilderness golf course. Take the opportunity to play a round!
  • Learn how to make iron art with the local blacksmith Matts Fällman. He will teach you basic forging techniques and in 1.5 hrs you will make your own bottle opener. A great souvenir to take home.
  • Directions and close by:
    Furudals Bruk (Mill and ironworks) is located in North-western Dalarna in the municipality of Rättvik, about 40 km north of Rättvik and 4 km north of Furudal (Route 301).

    Furudals Bruk is part of the historic manufacturing nave including the neighbouring Dalfors Bruk as well as Voxna Bruk in the county of Hälsningland.

    The Ore river is part of Siljanringen, a circular water system that also consists of Lake Siljan, lake Orsa, Skattungen and lake Ore. The circular shape was created 377 millions years ago when a meteorite hit the earth.

    Motor home parking overnight for guided tours guests:
    It is possible to park overnight on the grounds of the mill. Prior agreement necessary.

    More about your guide:
    Lennart has worked at Furudals Bruk since the mid-1970s. He is the living person who knows the most about the mill's/ironwork/ site´s history. Lennart speaks English and Swedish.

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