Make your own balm from natural ingredients and glass souvenir

Taking a family motorhome trip to Sweden? Come to Boda in Småland and discover hidden treasures in the Swedish forest far off in the Kingdom of glass. You will have the opportunity to learn how to make Sprucebalm and design your own glass vessel for Sprucebalm to take home! Guided by a glass artist, experience the beauty of the regional crafts.

Exclusive day in the forest and at a glass studio

In the deep forests you will be hosted by the glass artist Anna-Linda Gabriel who will introduce you to the process of harvesting spruce resin from the woods. Afterwards you will gather around a fire and here you will learn to make your own Sprucebalm. After lunch you will then drive to the glassworks and meet up with Anna-Linda again. in her studio she guides you to her world of art and you will get to experience the magic of glassblowing when making a unique vessel for your Sprucebalm in the glass studio.

About the visit

Time: 5 hours, 2 hours in the woods, 3 hours in the glass studio and glass exhibitions.
Hours: depending on number of people but 12-17:00 (if Max. 4 people).
Participants: Min. 2 adults and Max. 4 people. Suitable for famliies, Children from 7 years old.
Price 1385 per person. Children (Between ages 7-12) half price.
included: (snacks and coffee), all materials entry to museum.
Guest preparations: Clothes appropriate for outdoor and cotton clothes for working in the glass studio. Notify if you have any allergies.
Booking: Minimum of 2 weeks in advance. email:

"…. I bought a Sprucebalm in Växjö and its fantastically good for my eczema, that is similar to burns and skin rashes. Your balm soothes and softens and makes the skin heal… Also highly appreciate the products genuine, simple and down to earth design. ..... Thank you for your contribution to all of us with these skin challenges. Best regards, Maria" Costumer from Västerås

More details on visiting Boda, the forest, Sprucebalm, and the glass works

In the Kingdom of Glass in Småland you can visit Boda, a glass production village creating and designing glass since 1864. Art and the history of glass is all around you, come close to the origin of glass arts and crafts. In Boda you can visit The Glass Factory an experience-based, interactive glass museum.

Learn about the art of glassblowing under the guidance of an experienced glass artist, Anna-Linda Gabriel. Meet the artists and understand their passion for living here. Discover the magic of the forests and the influences inspiring the artists.

In the Kingdom of Glass the forests play an important part and bring the place to life. The forests were once crucial for glassworks and ironworks in this region. Make your own Sprucebalm, explore the history and secrets of the forest. A great outdoor family activity, a travel memory from nature in form of a souvenir in a beautifully designed vessel.

Sprucebalm is an organic, handmade and ecologic balm for your skin

Sprucebalm is made from beeswax, rapeseed oil and pure resin from the spruce tree. Learn more about how generations of forest people and farmers made this skin care product that softens cracked skin and soothes insect bites. You will also experience glassblowing and make your own vessel for the Sprucebalm to bring back home! NOTE, it takes 2 days before the glass has cooled and is ready to be picked up. Discover the kingdom of Glass while waiting. We can also send it home to you ( cost of transport not included).

Park at Ödevata Fiskecamp, they offer a scenic view and lakeside overnight motorhome parking.

You will find the Glass studios (in the museum) and Anna-Linda´s glass atelier at Boda ateljéerna Storgatan, Boda Glasbruk. +46 702786922 . Boda is located in Emmaboda in Småland.

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